Monday, May 29, 2006

TELUS world of crap

i went to the telus world of science buildng today, and did it ever suck ass. i remember going to the space and science center when i was in grade one and it was way cooler then this piece of crap telus is trying to pull.

i mean they have people blowing up ballons in white lab coats explaining that pressure goes from high to low. you dont need a lab coat for that

i earned the right to were a lab coat by disecting fetal chickens and picking apart dead stuff to wear one of those proudly.

and i sport it well, not like those imitation scientists where the refer to erlenmyer flasks as beakers. as beakers!!!!!


he then put a ballon in a bell jar took all the air out of it creating a vacuum and when the ballon grew and eventuqally broke he called it magic!

thats not magic thats air trying to escape!

i wish i had a fetal chicken to throw or some sort of chemical.

-matty k

the only thing that made it fun is when the ballon (named sparky) blew up and one little girl yelled out "make another sparky"

yah that was funny


Justin said...

The best part I remember about the Space and Science Center was having Liquid Nitrogen poured on my hand.

It evaporates before it touches your hand.

It was so cool

As for the Erlenmeyer flasks, Faux Pas of the science world.

Faux Pas

Neal said...

at the telus spere of science (science world, Vancouver) I had a "scientist" refer to olfactory receivers as "smell recepticals"...


if you had done something stupid like that, I definately would have stopped being your friend

Hot Pink Snow Angel said...

At this place do they by any chance sell T-Shirts with glow in the dark periodic tables on them? Cause I recall Meghan going there and wanting so badly to purchase one of those T-shirts (Vince wouldn't let her).
I think she enjoyed that place a little bit TOO much.

regan said...

bye matty!!!!

regan said...