Thursday, May 11, 2006

second entry number three

wow it is only my second entry and i had a hard time coming up with a new and exciting title. it doesnt make any sense to me and i guess thats kinda what i was goin for.

modest mouse is a good band


so today is my birthday, i am no longer a teenager, that kinda makes me depressed, but hey i am gonna get presents today so yah for me (thank god for parents)

the good thing bout being 20 is that i can now be called that "creepy old guy" when i sit in on mcdonalds mcbirthday parties..

oh how i cant wait

i'm going to mongolian grill later today, maybe some of my friends will show up. i think the reason why people go to restaurants for their bday supper is so that if no one shows up they can still get something to eat. i wonder if they'll have ice cream

i walked to 7 11 the other day, isaw a beetle on the ground andi stared at it for the longest time. the peson i was walking with must of thought i was high because when i saw it i screamed (cool! a beatle!). did i tell you i'm 20?

i think the older i get the stupider i become...or childish...yah i'm going with childish

i have to keep pretending i'm smart or neal will stop hanging out with me

the end

matty k


Neal said...

acting stupid is a way to make me make fun of you...

now, if you were to stop putting out, our friendship would be doomed for sure...

mattyk said...

shhhhh neal you whore you swore you would never tell!

and by whore i mean hore yes hore the new "gaming" way to swear

matty k

morgan said...


Justin said...

Hey Happy birthday Matty, and welcome back to blog world