Monday, May 15, 2006


i hate those emails that 100 people you dont know send them to you saying that if you dont forward it in the next hour something will or wont happen

i'll give everyone a little piece of advice...

nothing will happen, dont worry

if you dont send it to 10 people you arent going to die nor does it mean you dont love jesus

those are the worst when they send you an e card with regards to god and if you dont send it agin you hate him

well i never send those things and i think gods cool with that

i just got one saying "what he really means"

it had stuff in it like if you are msn and you use black writting you are falling in love


i use black all the time and it doesnt mean i am falling in love with the person i am talking to

argh hog wash

-matty k



Neal said...

you don't... love me?


mattyk said...

dont worry neal you already have my heart the falling for you has already happened