Friday, May 12, 2006

halls of the bloodfeast

today i watched a friend play that new game called oblivian. the game lay is aright but the names it has for some places are kinda grotesque. names like blood hall and halls of the bloodfest and blood feed. it sounds like they are trying to desensitize us more then they already have,

so this is my question to you....what is worse? having a slashing game where you kill trolls and other ugly creatures or having a game meant for elementary school children where you hack and slash cute little monkeys that throww banana peals at you?

i have to say the second, i mean they cry when you hit them

it makes me feal bad but its soooo fun to play
i want comment on this

is there any benifits to being desensitized? i think there is by the means of not being as scared when watching a scary movie

what are your thoughts?


Justin said...

Well, in my opinion if you are typing this deep philosophical post, you're not playing enough oblivion.

As for the desenitztion its all a matter of opinion regarding age. As for the kiddy games where the cute monkeys throw stuff at you. There meant not to give nightmares, and to introduce the child in to the wonderful world of video games, as for games like Oblivion(freaken sweet game) they are meant for an older audience who is already decencitized to things like this from playing video games that get more and more violent as you get older. In my opinion its a conspiracy to get people buying more and more games (well part of it)

Then again, I've always been a big fan of the Mario games. Jumping on a mutated mushroom thing is not violent.

Neal said...

I have never seen anything wrong with being desensitized to fantasy... Cuz really, thats all movies and video games are...

It's up to the parents to teach children that what they see in games and movies are fictional and that doesn't mean they do happen (or should happen) in real life...

But since the impetus to raise children has been put on the media... (insert rant here)

Anonymous said...

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