Tuesday, March 13, 2007

wishing for longer nights.

The days are starting to get warmer, longer and brighter. I guess I should be happy and getting excited like the rest of you, but summer is the my least favorite season. well at least it is now.

dont get me wrong...i like the weather and the longer days aren't to shabby either (my mom lets me stay out later) but its not about the weather.... well maybe kind of but it is a very tiny factor in my dislike of this season.

i'm not too found of spring either.

Now if you know me, you know that my preference of seasons does not reflect my personality. just because i like winter does not mean that i myself am cold and gloomy. but then again the season could describe me perfectly... the only person who i know that has verbally expressed her great and vast knowledge on the psychmind was that girl in my writing 300 class. and believe me this is the girl that makes you look badly upon people going into the psych profession.

i honestly have to say if you psychology students want to have any credibility with the writing 300 class, or the whole academic comunity if she is let out these doors of concordia you need to go down to the pizza hut in capilanno and demand her resignation from the social science that is psychology.

let me tell you what she did the other day....

we were "peer reviewing" essays in class and we were having a discussion on whether or not you have to cite something. so we came to a conclusion as a class (minus one) that if you dont think it is general knowledge then cite your resources. for example when alberta joined up with Canada in 1905 its general knowledge.

or in her case 4th year psychology terminology.

so when the teacher asked her to cite where she got this information, and said that in a more serious paper it would be plagerism, she was offended and blurted out...

"so i have to act like i'm writing to a five year old?!"

this probably shouldn't of bothered me, but it did. not everyone is in senior level psych and not everyone will know what those terms are.

i guess its because she said itso arrogantly. i kinda wanted to blurt out some random enzyme like....adenylyl cyclase (witch is associated in muscle movment) and have her not understand it and say something like "oh so i have to write like i'm writing to idiots?"

but that would be mean and very hypocritical and i know that not everyone has an interest in biology and i am ok with that, not everyone is as big as a geek or nerd.

but i digress from my original story.... i dont like summer because its when i am away from you.
winter might seem gloomy but those are the days i am with you and thats why its my favorite season.

there i said it.

-matty k