Saturday, October 07, 2006

i once was lost but now i'm found

i really like "lifesong" by casting crowns.

a new year is underway and more and more people are starting to feel the stress of the new year. homework, bills and laundry is starting to build up and our shoulders are starting to get sore from all the weight thats beginning to pile up.

who wants a backrub?

i am writting two songs right now, it seems that most of my song always seem to be on the depressing side.

song of the moment: cat and mouse by the red jumpsuit apparatus

i think eric knows where i am going with that,

recently i have felt...underpar and i have been a little cranky.

i keep telling myself that its becuase i am tired. i really hope it is.

mmmm thanksgiving dinner! thanks house of coolness for that delicious turkey.

i tried candied yams for the first time. mmmm and the turkey.

have i meantioned the turkey? it was really moist and the turkey was delicious.

mmmm turkey.

i might have broken the rocking chair that some luthern guy gave another luthern guy, i felt bad for breaking it.

i didnt know lutherns liked to rock.

i had a talk with a luthern pastor about being non denominational. and i learnt something from him. i think i'll stick with my catholic roots.

yah for the pope!

-matty k