Saturday, April 14, 2007

who needs politicians?

we all do!

anarchy is the worst idea in the history of bad ideas.

honestly we dont live in an idealistic world where everyone gets along and everyone works for the benefits of others.

face it we dont

do you really think we would have doctors? or lawyers? or education? or a running water supply?

it would be survival of the fittest. and those kids that wear patches on there scissor-cut denim vests aren't going to make it. if someone bigger then you wants your apple...or supple body.... they are going to take it and who is going to protect you? the police force? they wont exist! why would they? why would some one put there life in risk every day and not get paid for it? for the benefit of others? when was the last time you risked your life so people you dont even know can live in ignorance of the crack house next door?

do you think you would have coffee? or other imported goods?

if you have bad eyes and need glasses what would you do if you needed a new prescription or a refill of contacts? nothing, you wouldn't be able to go to your local optometrist.

anarchy is a horrible idea

maybe if humans lived in a wonderful garden where all we had to do is frolic and dance it might work out. but probably not because we already blew that when we had the chance.

anarchy will not work. so stop putting those symbols on the back of bus stations. its stupid. we need politicians and we need our corrupt government. if we didnt have these people running our country we wouldnt have these luxuries that everyone enjoys

this includes internet, printed paper, pens, iPods, furnaces, light bulbs, tooth paste, medicine, dentures, cars, pumped gas, cd's, video games, snowboards, cheese, airplanes, and other fun things we enjoy.

pretty much anything we buy will no longer be available to us. if it requires someone else doing the job then we wont get it for ourselves. be honest, you and the people you care about come first. why would that change when you will gain absolutely no benefit from it.

dont get me wrong, some people are nice and kind and will strive for the benefit of mankind no matter what, but there are people out there that won't. and unless we are all on the same page of human benefit then nothing will get done.

and for people pretending to be anarchists stop BUYING things! buying things defeats the whole purpose of not having a government! so unless you made your denim from scratch your a hypocrite when you wear it.

-matty k

Monday, April 09, 2007

dont say it if it means nothing

I have an American Eagle card gift card in my pocket for 25 dollars. I have been in and out of the store and i always forget that it is in my shirt pocket. I keep things in my shirt pocket so i wont forget things are there like my pens and pencils. i have problems with pens leaking if i put them in my pants pockets.

I am having a song writing block.

I made scalloped potatoes for dinner tonight. i think they turned out really well. especially if you like melted butter......and to a lesser extent heart attacks.

I went to church yesterday and they were passing out the bread for communion. this is different then my know the normal one (just kidding!). you see when i go for communion you go up to the front cross your hands say amen and drink sugary wine out of a communal cup.

this grosses me out a little because all they use is a cloth to wipe where he/she has drank. And if you have recently taken bio 265 like i have simply wiping something will not remove all the pathogenic bacteria.

but God wont let us get sick from that will he?

i am having dinner at a friends house right now... i should probably be over there instead of writing this. oh ok here is dArren saying its time to go. see you in a bit

-matty k