Monday, November 13, 2006


everyone i know who has seen rent has liked it. i like it aswell but i am also very critical when it comes to movies.

so here is the general plot line to the movie...

everyone has aids except for the lesbians and the lonely straight guy.

also the audience is made to go on the side of mimi when the lead actor, who has aids, turns her down.

i mean mimi has aids and is trying to force it on him. she doesnt know he has aids and he doesnt know that she does so he's just being a good guy and trying not to get her sick aswell. but she's all about giving it to him.

why feel sorry for her when he turns her down? dick move on her part if you ask me.

and at the end of the movie you feel all nice and dandy that everything works out for them in the end. except in a couple months they are all going to die...succumbing to the common cold.

i'm happy they are trying to make people aware i really am...

i feel more people should be aware abou aids.

i feel bad for lonely straight guy(sans aids) he and the lesbians are the only one thats going o be alive in a few months.

poor guy....

poor cast... that movie was a tradgedy.

-matty k