Wednesday, January 31, 2007

rain come on down

I was in the cafeteria today and I thought to myself, "hey, I haven't had grape pop in such a long time!"

so I bought it and some JalapeƱo chips and retired up to my friends apartment.

I now realize why I haven't bought grape pop in awhile.

I cant help writing comics in class. I get bored easily. especially when the class is being told that we all have toxic lifestyles and cervical cancer.

last time I checked I didn't have a cervix.

come to think of it its been awhile since i have checked ...........checking.....checking.....checking........
nope still a lack of cervix.

like every other guy I get off easy. (heh)

mmmmm the flavor of these chips is dancing on my tongue like a drunken underage girl at the local bar "dirty" dancing with a 34 year old.

that was a wee bit gross.
I don't like 34 year olds. I'm fine with 33 and 35 and everything before and after. but I have had a couple run-ins with gross 34's. run-ins with me screaming "I need an adult! I need an adult!"

I bet he wont be wondering around the mall bothering little kids on where the electronic isle is anymore.

I have to write an essay on child discipline. since being an RA I have changed a lot of my views on child discipline. every child is different and therefore do not all get the same discipline. for some a stern talking to will set them on the right course, but others you wish corporal punishment was still socially acceptable.

and then others you want to stuff in a dishwasher and put it on rinse.

not that I feel that way.

I think this essay is going to be fun.

-Matty k

Sunday, January 14, 2007

i wont have to tell you when my eyes start bleeding

i dont think that anyone would er have to tell someone if there eyes started bleeding. well i guess if you were blind you wouldnt be able to see anyones bleeding eyes. so then you would have to feel there face because if someone told you there eyes were bleeding you wouldnt belive them unless you saw it....or if blind touch it. then your fingers would be all bloody and then it would be gross because you touched a bleeding eye and you hope to god that its not contagious but it wouldnt really matter because your blind and you dont really use your eyes.

moving on.....

i'm already unmotivated to do much homework. and its onl a couple days into the semester. i hope i break outta this rut soon of not doing anything.

oh and if anyone cares i can do a maximum of 240 damage with my ranger. his name is Thamior Lindon.

-matty k

Friday, January 05, 2007

he's not going to hold your hair when your down why let him hold you when your up?

its there right on the table, along with everything else you said
your an emotional massochist, you enjoy those tears you shed.
its never good enough to feel right
so go on now, cry those tears on your silk sheet satin spread.

is that how you spell satin?

there is a song writters competition a comin' and i need to come up with 3 new songs. they have to be new because i forgot how the ones i wrote last year went. plus they weren't very good.

i wish i was the lyrical/musical mastermind behind "wonderwall".

i realized the other day how big of a nerd i really am. i walked into a games workshop, you know those ones where they play warhammer on huge tables decorated with small trees and rivers, and talked to a guy that worked there for 5 minutes on how the game worked. good thing i was with a non judging friend because i was actually really interested in what he was saying.

i would like very much to learn and play that game.

i wonder if i could drop out of the sciences and take a major in "Dungeons and Dragons" with a minor in WARHAMMER.

i think its all capitallized. anywho you must forgive my bad spelling/punctuation.

i must go i need to catch a flight.

i really hope they have tv's in the plane

-matty k

p.s darren if you are reeading this i will be at the airport at 11:04 pm. i sent an email earlier but i didnt know if it sent. i excited out of the server before it confirmed. i guess i could write another one while i am writting this but there is no time so yah i guess i am going to go, i think i am going to have to borrow some tooth paste tonight because i forgot to pack mine and the suitcase is full. how much is toothpaste? anywho i gatta go,sadkjbfaerlbgaw