Wednesday, January 31, 2007

rain come on down

I was in the cafeteria today and I thought to myself, "hey, I haven't had grape pop in such a long time!"

so I bought it and some Jalapeño chips and retired up to my friends apartment.

I now realize why I haven't bought grape pop in awhile.

I cant help writing comics in class. I get bored easily. especially when the class is being told that we all have toxic lifestyles and cervical cancer.

last time I checked I didn't have a cervix.

come to think of it its been awhile since i have checked ...........checking.....checking.....checking........
nope still a lack of cervix.

like every other guy I get off easy. (heh)

mmmmm the flavor of these chips is dancing on my tongue like a drunken underage girl at the local bar "dirty" dancing with a 34 year old.

that was a wee bit gross.
I don't like 34 year olds. I'm fine with 33 and 35 and everything before and after. but I have had a couple run-ins with gross 34's. run-ins with me screaming "I need an adult! I need an adult!"

I bet he wont be wondering around the mall bothering little kids on where the electronic isle is anymore.

I have to write an essay on child discipline. since being an RA I have changed a lot of my views on child discipline. every child is different and therefore do not all get the same discipline. for some a stern talking to will set them on the right course, but others you wish corporal punishment was still socially acceptable.

and then others you want to stuff in a dishwasher and put it on rinse.

not that I feel that way.

I think this essay is going to be fun.

-Matty k


Anonymous said...

Some day you will be that gross 34 year old.....people's kids (or young adults) will be running away from you yelling "i need an adult." It is almost a certainty that this will happen. Its in your blood.


Furious Rodimus said...

Creepy 34 y/os...frightening. And yes grape pop is gross. Orange ftw! Lime ftmfw!