Sunday, January 14, 2007

i wont have to tell you when my eyes start bleeding

i dont think that anyone would er have to tell someone if there eyes started bleeding. well i guess if you were blind you wouldnt be able to see anyones bleeding eyes. so then you would have to feel there face because if someone told you there eyes were bleeding you wouldnt belive them unless you saw it....or if blind touch it. then your fingers would be all bloody and then it would be gross because you touched a bleeding eye and you hope to god that its not contagious but it wouldnt really matter because your blind and you dont really use your eyes.

moving on.....

i'm already unmotivated to do much homework. and its onl a couple days into the semester. i hope i break outta this rut soon of not doing anything.

oh and if anyone cares i can do a maximum of 240 damage with my ranger. his name is Thamior Lindon.

-matty k


Hot Pink Snow Angel said...

If you continuing playing WoW as often as you are... then your eyes probably WILL start bleeding... is that what you were trying to prepare us for in this blog?

Anonymous said...

i dont play WoW lauren. Wow is to complicated of a game for me.

i think i'll stick to my dungeons and dragons. you know where things make sense.

-matty k