Friday, January 05, 2007

he's not going to hold your hair when your down why let him hold you when your up?

its there right on the table, along with everything else you said
your an emotional massochist, you enjoy those tears you shed.
its never good enough to feel right
so go on now, cry those tears on your silk sheet satin spread.

is that how you spell satin?

there is a song writters competition a comin' and i need to come up with 3 new songs. they have to be new because i forgot how the ones i wrote last year went. plus they weren't very good.

i wish i was the lyrical/musical mastermind behind "wonderwall".

i realized the other day how big of a nerd i really am. i walked into a games workshop, you know those ones where they play warhammer on huge tables decorated with small trees and rivers, and talked to a guy that worked there for 5 minutes on how the game worked. good thing i was with a non judging friend because i was actually really interested in what he was saying.

i would like very much to learn and play that game.

i wonder if i could drop out of the sciences and take a major in "Dungeons and Dragons" with a minor in WARHAMMER.

i think its all capitallized. anywho you must forgive my bad spelling/punctuation.

i must go i need to catch a flight.

i really hope they have tv's in the plane

-matty k

p.s darren if you are reeading this i will be at the airport at 11:04 pm. i sent an email earlier but i didnt know if it sent. i excited out of the server before it confirmed. i guess i could write another one while i am writting this but there is no time so yah i guess i am going to go, i think i am going to have to borrow some tooth paste tonight because i forgot to pack mine and the suitcase is full. how much is toothpaste? anywho i gatta go,sadkjbfaerlbgaw

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