Thursday, December 21, 2006

A day entails...

I like being home, dont get me wrong i love my family i like doing little things for them like picking up asparagus tips or picking mom up from work or other little things that make me a poster child for "my son is better than yours"

but i want to go back to edmonton. i miss people. especially you.

if only i could bring back my little dog...for i love him so much

have you ever had hockey skates too small for you?
well let me tell you they dont exactly feel like someone is pouring chocolate syrup on your feet and then seductivly lick it off.

no not at all!

i played outdoor hockey the other day for the first time in a long while and after the minus degree weather had its toll on my scrunched up feet i felt like i was going to cry.

so i did, a little bit, but dont worry i played it off as how i was feeling for all the deaths the "darwin awards" so jokingly writes about.
someone has died... but they are joking about it.....very morbid if you ask me.
how people look past everyday literature and blame violence on video games.

but the darwin awards are really funny so pick up a copy.

i am goign to go and eat something...thats all i do when i am home.
i am one of those people that eat when they are bored.

-matty k

Monday, December 11, 2006

i should be studying...

who else wants to drop out of school and become a hobo?

i do! ooo OOOOO OOOO pick me coach pick me!

i should really cut down on sport references, because i no longer play sports. i did the whole "quit something you love to make something of yourself" thing.

some days i regret it some days i'm glad i did, i wish my mind would make it self up.

...make it self up...yah i said it.

i really should be studying

i went to japan town or village or whatever and i had a wonderful time. there was knife tossing and food was flying everywhere.

well not really, but there was good conversation....and i tried doing that model thing where you bite on your glasses and pose like you just discovered how fun your soft ample body was.

but it didnt look like that...not at all, it looked like i was chewing on my glasses because i havent mastered using chopsticks and i needed my black plastic rims for sustenance.

oh and the people i was there with gave good company except for that dirty DIRTY, man.

you know who you are.

we wore suits!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Shining time station

who remembers thomas the engine? i do! who could forget that abomination of nature. i mean what freaky scientist decided to put a face on a train and then animate it? and by animate i mean it in the tense of bringing it to life...not drawing.

i mean if i were to be the conductor on a train and my train started talking to me...i would lose it. my mental state is fragile enough already.

and WTF is up with those trains? they aree always getting stuck in mud puddles or something else a train couldnt possibly get stuck in if they stay on the tracks.

i remember watching an episode where thomas gets stuck in a mud did he get there?

and if he did go off the tracks, which seems to be the only reasonable explanation, how come there isnt a path of death and destruction after him? i mean for a passenger train like thomas those poor people in the back must have been bouncing around like popcorn in those metal containers you put over the stove for a delicous midnight snack.

and if the train could talk then how does the circulation system work? does he run on oil? blood? does he feel pain? I demand to know these answers.

i just wish that at the time when the show was in full swing i wrote the producers and demanded answers.

now from watching that show i think a half-train, half-human, abomination is suitable for young children.

if we think were getting desensitized by video games, just remember the saturday morning cartoons we used to watch like the genetic malformities that are the ninja turtles or the cruel imprisonment of pokemon.

think of the children......the children.

....and for the passion of the christ....

shouldnt we be concentrating on why he died and what he lived for rather then watching 2 hours of pain and gore?

-matty k