Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Shining time station

who remembers thomas the engine? i do! who could forget that abomination of nature. i mean what freaky scientist decided to put a face on a train and then animate it? and by animate i mean it in the tense of bringing it to life...not drawing.

i mean if i were to be the conductor on a train and my train started talking to me...i would lose it. my mental state is fragile enough already.

and WTF is up with those trains? they aree always getting stuck in mud puddles or something else a train couldnt possibly get stuck in if they stay on the tracks.

i remember watching an episode where thomas gets stuck in a mud puddle....how did he get there?

and if he did go off the tracks, which seems to be the only reasonable explanation, how come there isnt a path of death and destruction after him? i mean for a passenger train like thomas those poor people in the back must have been bouncing around like popcorn in those metal containers you put over the stove for a delicous midnight snack.

and if the train could talk then how does the circulation system work? does he run on oil? blood? does he feel pain? I demand to know these answers.

i just wish that at the time when the show was in full swing i wrote the producers and demanded answers.

now from watching that show i think a half-train, half-human, abomination is suitable for young children.

if we think were getting desensitized by video games, just remember the saturday morning cartoons we used to watch like the genetic malformities that are the ninja turtles or the cruel imprisonment of pokemon.

think of the children......the children.

....and for the passion of the christ....

shouldnt we be concentrating on why he died and what he lived for rather then watching 2 hours of pain and gore?

-matty k


Anonymous said...

It is a good thing kids don't have a good sense of reality. I mean look at the "fun" little nursery rhyme "London Bridges Falling Down"......if you think about it, it is kind of a disgusting thing for kids to sing about. They turned a horrible historical event into a kids rhyme.No wonder our world is so screwed up.

Anyway, back to thinking happy thoughts....or at least trying to think happy thoughts.

Anonymous said...

or what about "ring around the rosey"? isn't that rime about what happenes to you when you contract the pain.

i can imagine children running in the street amongst the dead bodies singing the song.

-matty k

Holly said...

"Ring around the rosie" is supposedly about the plague.

"Ring around the rosie,
Pocket full of posies,
Ashes, ashes,
We all fall down"

The "ring" is supposed to represent a rash, a earlier of the plague.
The "pocket full of posies" represents flowers or herbs carried to ward off the disease.
"Ashes" is supposed to refer to either cremation, or the funeral (ashes to ashes...)
And of course, "we all fall down" refers to the countless dead plague victims.

Now if you want to read some truly disturbing stuff you should read the original fairy tales. Let's just say in one early version of "Red Riding Hood" the wolf actually makes a pie out of the grandmother. He then ties the door shut with the gram's intestines, and red riding hood then eats the pie made of her grandma, and drinks her blood. Mmm, cannibalism...

Look at me and my random historical knowledge :)

melancholy meditation said...

holy crap holly. And Matty, "I an imagine the children running in the street amongst the dead bodies singing the song..." can you be any more morbid?

It made my evening.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the Red Riding Hood one is freaky as all hell. Cannabilsm for the win! And I liked Thomas the Tank Engine.

Anonymous said...

You have all just ruined my happy childhoood memories... thank you.

amber said...

Iknow in one of the original cinderella stories, when the shoe didn't fit her stepsisters they cut parts of their feet off to make it fit. The prince turned the carriage around when he noticed blood.

Good times.

Vinny said...

My personal favourite was the ending to Hanzel and Gretal, instead of the witch burning in the oven they put her in a barrel hammered a bunch of nails in it and then rolled her down a hill until she was dead

Holly said...

And in Snow White the evil stepmother is forced to dance in red hot iron shoes until she falls down dead. Something like that anyways...

Krysta Chelle said...

ok so shining time station also had all those kids around all the time. Really, they should be in school. and wasnt their a black girl and a white boy that were brother and sister. anyways. Its kinda like mr dress up. he talked to puppets. like realy. we just didnt know what the heck was going on back in the day. Personally my fav saturday morning cartoon was the adventures of Tin Tin. Except it really was about mobsters. lol. oh dear