Monday, December 11, 2006

i should be studying...

who else wants to drop out of school and become a hobo?

i do! ooo OOOOO OOOO pick me coach pick me!

i should really cut down on sport references, because i no longer play sports. i did the whole "quit something you love to make something of yourself" thing.

some days i regret it some days i'm glad i did, i wish my mind would make it self up.

...make it self up...yah i said it.

i really should be studying

i went to japan town or village or whatever and i had a wonderful time. there was knife tossing and food was flying everywhere.

well not really, but there was good conversation....and i tried doing that model thing where you bite on your glasses and pose like you just discovered how fun your soft ample body was.

but it didnt look like that...not at all, it looked like i was chewing on my glasses because i havent mastered using chopsticks and i needed my black plastic rims for sustenance.

oh and the people i was there with gave good company except for that dirty DIRTY, man.

you know who you are.

we wore suits!


Anonymous said...

You picked a bad day to be an ass.

Anonymous said... has been a long shitty day and that was my first reaction to being "bad company." I tried to erase it but I forgot to sign in.



Amber said...

Very sexy, gentlemen...

Alybobwa said...

you know, I have to say you all look HOT in suits. and now.... moving on!

ChrisMuffin said...

i know the answer the dirty man is Darren right?...or is it Vince?...the magician?...i'll stick with Darren

Anonymous said...

Actually, i said that to make everyone wonder who the dirty man was i did not have any one specifically in mind. every one was well groomed and not dirty.

the magicin was good, but the problem with me is that when ever someone does a trick i analyse it and figure out how he did it.

like for that mind freak guy, i dont believe he has mistical powers i think he is just really good at llusions. when they show things on tv they do it hundreds of times and only show the ones that work.

i'm not saying he is a hack he is very very very good at what he does but it is just an illusion i just dont know how he does it.

-matty k