Monday, March 09, 2009

USB = undergoing situational ball kicking

im in hate with my usb stick. it causes me mental anguish. usually i wouldn't care if a usb stick stopped working i mean...its an inanimate object, its just the fact that it has all my work on it. my capstone, my 420 project, edpsych project, and various other projects and workings.....sigh.

but i will move on and get over it. time heals all right? This USB port chapter in my life has ended and i assure you its been an epic tale, filled with love, hate, times with laughter and periods of crying. it surely has been an emotional rollercoster and in some sick way im kinda glad my relationship with it died.

i remember when i first bought it, i was so young and naive. now i am this withered shell of a man. I want to move WILL move on.

i guess this is what heartbreak is. Its not that bad.

...ooh there it is....ah it feels like a baby is eating parts of my heart

oh interesting tidbit of information, your heart has 40,000 neurons in it. so its kinda like a minibrain in your heart. That and many other random facts about the body is on my dead USB port. i could say more if only it wasn't dead.

ok now im just brooding... im leaving now