Sunday, May 27, 2007

I've got a bad feeling about this

I'm leaving soon. I'mhappy that i can go work and buy a car so i can cart myself around edmonton but then again i'm not happy that i have to leave for a little while. Leaving behind some really good friends. well i guess i'm not leaving them behind at all they are all going to carry on in their lives and have a good summer. I wish the world reveloved around me.

I know hate is a strong word. so i'm not going to use it. I really really really dislke it when people clap and cheer at the end of a movie. Ok maybe i shouldn't be all that hard on some people. I mean if the actors were there in the theatre i would clap and say they did a good job (even if they didn' know to spare their feelings) and share my $11 dollar popcorn and 1.5L bucket of soda.

and if amanda Binds was there i would throw popcorn in her hair, and when she looked behind i would pretend it wasn't me and wave.

But back to the rant.

Why clap? why?! it makes my finger nails swell because of how much i dislike it.

and when you laugh at parts that aren't meant to be funny.

or if your a high school student trying to impress his high school girlfriend by making comments on how gay jhonny depp or orlando bloom is.

I get it pimply-faced high school kids, you hide your insecurities by lashing out at a source that won't lash back. we all get it. therapy isn't that expensive.

Also, those stupid e-mails where it says if you dont send this e-mail out to ten or so people then something good or bad will happen to you.

sometimes they threaten you with your life by giving examples of what happened to other people.

"jimmy didn't send it out and later he got in a car crash"

i just want to know what kind of voodoo you can put on the internet. or why some person with rat skulls tied to wet leather wrapped around some persons neck with bad teeth would do something like put a curse on an e-mail. Does it really matter to this voodoo priestess if you send a poem about drunk driving to ten people?

And there is no such thing as voodoo magic! Argh! don't get me started on that!

Don't get me wrong, some of these things are touching. Like how some organization will donate a penny for however many people get this email. This just isn't that great of a deal. for example, if 20,000,000 receive this email only 200,000 dollars will be given. its not that much, considering that 20,000,000 won't ever get the same email about some person that was stupid enough to drink and drive. And is it possible to track how many times that email has been received and factor out how many people have received it twice, or three times?

I believe God is the highest power in the universe, i really, really, dont think God would allow someone to have bad sex for ten years if you dont forward a picture of a playboy bunny made out of pound signs and dashes.

-matty k

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Someday i'll pay the bills with this guitar

too many late nights.... way to many late nights.

i'm finding it hard to sleep lately.

i've had plenty of lame days lately. mostly consisting of painting models.

that commercial with that lady dancing towards that guy (if you can call that dancing) screaming "bown chica wownwa!" interests me.

i wonder if a girl has ever done that ever. especially in an IGA or Safeway or Sobeys. and to a stocker to boot.

i really need to make a cool new song. it would be all cool and new.

i listen alot to the battle of the bands cd. and i listen to eric's songs the most. i really like them. especially the one where he's all like "So i pray to god when he points my way and says pick up your bedroll"

damn he's sexy
especially with his voice.
is it wrong to say that if he's singing about jesus.

anywho i am going to go do something masculin now.... like rip out chest hair and kill a deer.

-matty k