Tuesday, May 09, 2006

a new start

ahh real monsters! remember that old show that used to be on YTV after you got home from school? i do...my favorite was the black ad white girl stick thing, and the guy that held his eyes in his hands.

i wonder if he ever lost them?

so this is my new start my new chance to finally keep a blog going for longer then a few weeks, my last excuse was that i had nothing to wrie about but i lied..

i lied and i i'm sorry

revelations 21:8 springs to mind


so now since all my fellow dormies have moved out all i have to do now is work one day a week at my second job and fill the rest of my time staring at the wall trying to find pictures in the little bumps.

so far i am unsuccesful

my birthday is coming up in a few days, the thing that i dont really want to do is get so drunk and throw up in a bathtub.

i did that once...for my 18th birhtday party, the only thing i remember is throwing up in the bathtub and telling my mother how much i loved my girlfriend.

well i'm done for now, i am going to go watch the west wing....josh is my favorite!

-matty k


Neal said...

who less than threes mattyk?

*raises hand*

mattyk said...

*points to neal and says* well neal the person that is less than three is obviously the fourth member of b45 the new boy band sensation thats sweeping the world with their devilish good looks and streaked hair.

matty k