Wednesday, May 24, 2006

my worst brings out the best in you

since now that i am twenty i am very worried about being that "creepy old guy" at any social functions

particularily the high schoo graduation banquet...where the only people that know me are the the high school boys that live in dorm.

so then of course when i went to them there was 15 weird looks given at a 16 person table.

plus my pants were to tight and i can imagine they did not leave anything to the imagination, and my shoes were to big.

i must have looked like a clown, going to a porn shoot (do porn stars where tight pants?)


i gained ten pounds a little while back and since them i have been referered to as the "fat kid"

even by the guy that used to be called the fat kid

but i hold it well, it keeps me warm during those brisky canadian nights.

i think i wanna take dancing lessons...maybe the tango or the salsa

then i wouldnt look like an orangutange on a week long coke binge when i dance.

-matty k


Neal said...

aww, it's okay, fatty

just remember, as old creepy and fat as you are, I'm older, creepier and fatter...

regan said...

ahh reading your blog makes me rember how great my life really is ;)