Friday, July 04, 2008

Hate is a strong word but i really really don't like you

recently i have been noticing little things. not bad things but personal quirks about the people i spend the most time with. little things where you think "wow, i'm glad i am his/her friend".

everyone has played games with the opposite sex and i am not a fan. i am guilty of it too because i find myself to be terribly passive aggressive but i am going to change...well at least try to. no more games for me...well at least i'll try.

so i finally devised a plan about how me and my celebrity crush are going to be friends.

you see i don't want to date said celebrity crush anymore mainly because we wouldn't see each other... or with her knowibng we wouldn't hang out that much she hangs out too much and is crazy about it.

i had a friend tell me i wasn't shallow the other day. it made me feel good.

i was accused of being shallow when i said that i wouldn't be able to date someone if i didnt find them attractive.


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Anonymous said...

attraction is different to everyone. one guy may find a girl to be gorgeous, and the next guy sees her as nothing special, everyone is attracted to different things in a person.
but i think that personality plays a part in attraction. when you first meet a girl/guy she/he may not be anything special to you (strictly in a physical sense) but once you get to know her/him and you discover she/he has a beautiful personality then in your eyes she/he will become more attractive.
part of falling in love is being attracted to the person... it's not shallow, it's a fact of life