Thursday, April 24, 2008

when we are cats

I don't like silence.

i have to have something on, something distracting.

for instance right now its "23" by Jimmy Eat World.

you sit alone forever you wait for the right time, but what are you hoping for?

i don't like the silence. but i tend to find it more often then i would like to. with rooms full of people where the sound can be deafening, its still there.

I think it would be nice if the world ran much like a sitcom. where problems are resolved in 30 minutes and girls where low cut shirts.

And having a sound track when someone lets fly a lame joke would be pretty sweet.

why does everything have to have some sort of symbolism?
why can't a highlighter just be a highlighter?

"she says" - howie day


1 comment:

Hot Pink Snow Angel said...

yes, because the world would just be a much better place if girls just wore low cut shirts. Or wait, how about screw the shirts entirely! Much more would get accomplished if we walked around topless... :P

don't you think that you'd miss out on a lot of great things if all your problems (which i personally prefer to call speed bumps or adventures...) were solved in just 30 minutes?