Thursday, July 13, 2006


a handshake says alot about a person. i think a first impression is dependant on the handshake.

if you want hair that looks like a silky poofball sitting on top of my head, use conditioner.

recently have i learned that boxer briefs are they way to go, tight, but not to tight. i think santa clause wears boxer briefs.

playing guitar makes calouses, if you want perfect hands...dont play guitar.

if you stare at a wall long enough you can find shapes in those little bumps. its kinda like looking at constellations.

the humidex and temperature are not the same. they are very related but not the same


Furious Rodimus said...

I love my guitar callouses. Good for pulling out hot stuff with your finger tips without fear of being burned.

The rest of my hands are still as soft as ever though.

rea said...


Justin said...

Ahh Randomnesss, such a nice break from ordered reality