Monday, July 24, 2006


i am officially the worst typer in the history of people typing things. ok well i wouldnt go that far but i am one of those index finger typers. you know they can only use there index fingers for every key?

but the weird thing is, im actually kinda fast at typing with just two fingers. faster then some of those " home row" show offs.

The pilots around my work always complain. they want to fly all day but no one wants to flylate. there are 14 people trying to get into a space thats only meant for 6 and are dumbfounded when it doesnt work. and by pilots i mean the students not the instructors. the instructors are cool. one of them just answered the phone for me.

The Day one of the students doesnt complain about the schedule is that day that i can bark like a chicken.

hey it could happen.....

-matty k

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