Friday, February 06, 2009

i was distant, non existent

i like random titles.

hey vince and dave your sitting at the table with me right now! im going to say hi ready for it? here i go.

k i didn't do it.


So if you didnt know, i tend toput my foot in my mouth...and im going to do it again...right now so get ready.

now keep in mind i do believe that what the bible says is true but i was thinking

now joseph smith is the founder of the morman religion and if you dont get the reference i suggest you watch southpark.

now i shall draw a correlation between him, and moses.

so joseph smith had an angel come to him in a dream and tell him that there were magical sear stones and tablets buried in the forest. and he used these seer stones to read the tablets that were convieniently located in a hat which no one saw.

so he read these "new scriptures" to a publisher who wrote them down and published them.

but when joseph smith was asked to repeat what he had read from the magical stones, he got angry and was not able to repeat it. rather convienient.

so here comes the correlation... ready? its heretical

so moses (at first) was the only one who could go up the mountain and talk to a burning bush (if anyone were to follow they would be put to death). he came back with tablets reading the ten commandments.

the person who also went up the mountain was aaron, his brother.

who could have been persuaded quite easily by his brother to keep the secret.

but keep in mind, im not including the proper context and the plethera of miracles that moses performed like turning staffs into snakes, parting the red sea, turning rivers into blood etc etc. im just saying you could say what joseph smith did in his forest was kinda similar to what moses did on the mountain.

sorry Jesus! I just wanted to point out the similarities.

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Hot Pink Snow Angel said...

Actually... Moses didn't see the burning bush when he went up the mountain, it was really before he even went to Pharaoh to tell him to "Let my people go"... just thought i'd let you know (you heretic!)