Thursday, August 31, 2006

they're there and yours are theirs.

so far this year has proven to be interesting. My days have been jammed pack with video games and board games....hmm maybe it hasnt been that interesting after all. but i like those things so LAY OFF!

that was an unexpected outburst.

i think i am one of those people that hold all my anger in until i yell at a cashier when i'm thirty because she gave me the wrong change.

i played axis and allies last night...i was the states...and completly useless. we'll leave it at that.

Song of the moment: "girl of my dreams" by of the most monotone songs ever in existence but i like it.

People are hard to read. especially when you feel like you dont know them anymore. i'm having a hard time figuring out people. but then if i understood everything in life it would be boring,

Its amazing how many choices you can make in a day. some you dont even know your making and others require so much thought you fall asleep before you even begin to wrap your head around it.

speaking of which i have a head ache..

I have a good feeling about this year. i dont know if its the people or if i feel like a different person, or maybe its both. yes i think this year will work out for the best.

i dont like church songs that involve the organ...i think the organ is the worst sounding instrument ever.

dont get me wrong, some of those youth songs i really enjoy, but when they steal the rythm from other songs *cough* eye of the tiger *cough* it doesnt appeal to me. *cough* my sharona *cough*

seems like i'm getting a cold.

High school kids take sick days for granted. i remember when i was in high school, the rule was if i could walk i'd be going to school. some of these kids get a sore throat and they think they're coming down with cancer. if i got a sore throat i'd get a mint, a glass of water, and a boot out the door.

i love my parents. the best was when i got in trouble i would do physical labour. or run till i threw up. I got in trouble one summer and got signed up for an advanced power skating class.

it worked better then getting sent to my room or "being reasoned" with.

i dont know why spanking is so controversal. some times physical punishment is necesary, i'm not talking about causing a bloody nose or breaking of appendages but when i got spanked i didnt do it again.

this is getting long. i also have to call my brother. he turned 22 today.

-matty k


Leah said...

I feel the same matty. When my parents spanked me it was because i was really bad (as bad as a little kid can be anyways) and I learned not to do it anymore. I haven't been scarred. A little weird, but I think that might just be from my apnea as a kid.

Justin said...

I really think physical punishment helps to get a message across, I mean there are limits and stuff, but I beleive physical punishment is nesseccary to a degree, otherwise you get those creepy kids who spend their miserable days screaming at there XBOX becuase they are loosing they then yell to the parents to "F*@K off" so ya, it keeps children in check I think.

Leah said...

Thank you for the big hug yesterday...I felt special and I needed that yesterday.