Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Poetically Pathetic

I saw the most beautiful sunset today. the yellow orange glow through the morning haze was unbelievable.

I was writting a sont the other day...well trying to...and as line sprang to mind. its probably been said before but i dont care..

"You can only ruin something perfect if you want more"

I think i am going to use it in the lyrics. it works on so may=ny levels and you can apply it to almost anything, its kinda like one of those hogwash horoscopes.

i must apologize for being so emo-y, i would blame it on teen angst but i am not a teen and i do in fact not hate my parents. and the treated me well...they make me coffee in the morning.

Plus i tried the whole leave-nothing-to-the-imagination pants and the paint-your-fingernails-in-a-van thing. both didnt work out because i got fingernail polish everywhere and i couldnt sit down.

i dont know how you emo' it.

-Matty "the ops guy" k


Regan said...

i remember the painted nails... it made my week even

Furious Rodimus said...

emo's are silly!